BAAC Conference 2015

Echoes of the Past, Insights to the Future
BAAC Annual Conference 2015
Conference Programme 2015 (PDF)

Conference Announcement

The 12th BAAC Annual Conference will be held this year from October 28 to 30 in Tallinn, Estonia, in the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University - one of the largest film schools in Europe. The conference will be hosted by the National Archives of Estonia, Estonian Literary Museum, National Library of Estonia, Estonian Public Broadcasting and Art Museum of Estonia.

Over the last ten years one of the main objectives of the BAAC has been to increase awareness of the preservation and use of audiovisual archives as an important educational, historical, and cultural resource. In recent years audiovisual heritage has gained wider recognition in the society as the efforts of archival professionals have become more apparent and appreciated by the public. Nonetheless, audiovisual archivists must continually stand up for the relevance, accessibility and preservation of their collections. Following the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage (October 27) that draws global attention to the vulnerable nature of audiovisual materials, the 12th BAAC Annual Conference will provide a platform for sharing the experiences, good practices and discussions regarding the safeguarding and access of audiovisual collections.

The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:
- copyright issues;
- large-scale digitisation projects, their outcomes and impact;
- preservation and management of the growing amount of digital audiovisual information;
- dealing with born digital material;
- access to digital resources.


Programme Committee:
Maarja Savan (National Archives of Estonia)
Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia)
Gunnel Jönsson (Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings AB, Sweden)
Tarja Lehtinen (National Library of Finland)
Juozas Markauskas (DIZI, Lithuania)

Conference Organisers:
Eva Näripea (National Archives of Estonia)
Marika Koha (National Library of Estonia)
Annika Räim (Art Museum of Estonia)
Janika Oras (Estonian Literary Museum)
Heli Pikk (Estonian Public Broadcasting)