Masterclass on camera scanning by Peter Krogh

Workshop day in Vilnius
Workshop day in Vilnius. Photo: Juozas Markauskas CC-BY

October 2019, Vilnius and Tallinn

For a second year in a row Estonian Photographic Heritage Society (MTÜ Eesti Fotopärand) invited an expert in digital imaging on 1-2 October to Tallinn , Estonia from US – last year Don Williams gave a training on the issues of imaging quality, this time it is Peter Krogh came to teach camera scanning. 

Training event was also organized in Vilnius on 3d of October 2019 by Lithuanian Archivist’s Assocciation in a partnership with Estonian Photographic Heritage Society (MTÜ Eesti Fotopärand) and Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council. Event in Vilnius was attended by Lithuanian and Latvian professionals representing memory institutions and other organizations. 

Masterclass topics covered topics:

* How to choose the right camera and lens for your collection – megapixels, bit depth, form factor
* How to choose the right hardware for your collection – bench system, rail systems, lens-attached systems
* Workflow for each media type – transmissive positive, transmissive negative, reflective
* FADGI compliance
* Using targets to control quality and record scan characteristics
* Software workflow – how to optimize speed and quality using Adobe Lightroom
* Efficient capture and assignment of metadata
* Tips and techniques for increasing throughput without sacrificing quality

Cultural Heritage institutions around the world have gone to camera-based systems when scanning photographic material. These systems provide very high quality and speed at an excellent price point. This approach enables the institution to scan entire libraries of film and prints instead of small selections.



Workshop in Vilnius sponsored by Lithuanian Culture Council