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Welcome to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

The Museum's Mission

Remember. Commemorate. Remind.

Remember what happened to Latvia, to the people and land of Latvia during the Soviet and German National Socialist regimes, from 1940-1991;
Commemorate those who were unjustly convicted and murdered, who died in foreign wars, those who suffered and died during the repressions and deportations, those who fled the occupation forces, and those scattered throughout the world;
Remind the powers of the other states of the world of the offences carried out against the Latvian state, its land and people. 

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is a state accredited private museum, founded in 1993. It is maintained and managed by the public charitable organization the Occupation Museum Association of Latvia (LOMB).

See web page:  http://okupacijasmuzejs.lv/en/