Splendid Palace

Unique culture center with splendid neobaroque halls. Since 1930s Splendid Palace has been the main venue of Latvian film premieres.

One of the aims for Splendid Palace, is to promote good cinema accessibility for residents and visitors of Riga. To fulfill this aim, cinema are collaborating with the National Cinema Centre, Latvian Filmmakers Union, Latvian film festivals (National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps”, Riga International Film festival, Festival “Baltic Pearl” etc.), foreign embassies and cultural centers.

See more information on http://www.splendidpalace.lv/en/info/history-2

Get to know the historical nuances and unusual Neo-Baroque premises that accommodate legends and exciting historical events!

Visit the premises of the cinema!

Tour length – 40 min, cost - 6 Eur.