The management of audio and video collections workshop

Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council (BAAC), Lithuanian Central State Archive and Lithuanian Archivists’ Association are organizing the international workshop “The Management of Audio and Video Collections” in Vilnius 4-5 September, 2017 that will be hosted by Lithuanian Central State Archive.

Today audiovisual documents amount to a large part of world memory and are found in many different memory institutions (libraries, museums, archives). A lot of those institutions by their nature are not directly related to the preservation and management of audiovisual heritage. So they often face various problems and a lack of experience, while trying to preserve audiovisual heritage in their collections as well as giving access to it.

The workshop will be led by well known expert Howard Besser, who is professor of film studies at New York University (NYU).

The main topics of the workshop:

- Various formats of analog sound and video documents;
- Challenges of cataloguing, management and preservation of audio and video collections;
- Various threats and risks of safeguarding collections;
- Digitization and digital storage of audio and video collections;
- Access to collections and IPR issues.

After the workshop participants will be able to recognize different media in their audio and video collections, identify various threats and make qualified decisions about both safeguarding and making access to traditional and digital collections.

Workshop language is English.

More information about the schedule and registration will be announced soon or please contact Jolė Stimbirytė This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.